Issue #2
Page: 15

Las Vegas with Kids

When my husband and I told people that we were going on a trip to Vegas with our son, we got more than odd looks.  One father at my son’s school even went so far as to tell me that Vegas is only for Strippers and Gamblers and no place for a child.  I strongly disagree!

Las Vegas is a wonderland.  A beautiful lit up fairy tale and I won’t hear a bad word said about her.  Yes… her.  Vegas has become like an old friend and I love her and count the days until we are reunited once again.

There is so much for children to marvel at and explore.  From the Grand Canyon to the carnival atmosphere and fun times at Circus Circus, you and the kids will be kept busy, busy, busy.

One thing is for sure, there are two words that you will never hear when in Vegas – “I’m bored”.


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