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The shooting gallery at The Gun Store

Is there anything more exciting than watching your wife standing there holding a pink machine gun with that ‘look’ in her eye… and then aiming and letting loose a magazine full of rounds into a cardboard target?  Well let me tell you there isn’t.

My wife and I decided that we would do something a little out of the ordinary the next time we visited Las Vegas and shooting a few rounds at The Gun Store was just what we needed.

After being shown around the entire store, we were presented with an entire wall full of different firearms, ranging from small hand guns to automatic machine guns.  If we had the time, I’m sure we would have shot the lot. 

We both chose the 9mm Glock hand gun and I also chose the Uzi.  My wife was looking around the wall when her eyes became fixated on the pink AR-15 machine gun and she fell in love straight away.  Add a set of pink ear muffs and she was in gun heaven.

Every customer receives their own personal instructor who takes you to choose your targets and then escorts you through to the range.  The instructors are fully qualified and really friendly.  After a safety brief we were ready to unleash some rounds on the unsuspecting targets (images of baddies).  The amount of rounds you get to fire is dependant on the package you purchase - with some packages offering up to a couple of hundred rounds.  We only fired about forty rounds each but we both wished we had purchased more.  Our instructor was very informative and was quite knowledgeable on each of the weapons we fired and talked us through how to handle and manage the guns.

There are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the experience and you are also able to capture that special moment when you’re firing off a dozen rounds from an Uzi into an unsuspecting, evil looking clown target - which you can take home with you for a memento.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Gun Store and would definitely go back the next time we visit Las Vegas.  I recommend the Las Vegas Gun Store to everyone of any age.

A photo of my wife holding the pink machine gun with her impressive range shoot target in the back ground, sits proudly in our photo album (see above).  I think this is as a reminder of just how good a shot she is...


Vegas night flights with Maverick Helicopters

If there is one thing that you must do while you’re visiting Sin City, a helicopter night flight over Las Vegas is it.  Fly Maverick offers arguably the most beautiful sights the city has to offer – from a bird’s eye location.  Seeing the bright lights of Vegas at ground level on the Strip is one thing, but to be actually flying over the top of the hotels and the lights, is simply breathtaking. 

I had an opportunity to take one of these flights and was truly awestruck by the whole experience.  As soon as we arrived at Maverick headquarters we were greeted with a glass of champagne by the friendly staff and sat down on the comfy chairs to await our night tour with the other passengers.

The pilot greeted each passenger personally and led us out to our chopper (which doesn’t just look like your average helicopter either).  They are state of the art ECO-Star helicopters, featuring six leather, theatre styled seats with wrap around views.  Passengers are given a voice-activated headset which allows you to listen to the informative narration and enables you to talk to the other passengers and the pilot. 

Before you know it, you are up and hovering over Sin City.  As you fly past some of the taller towers, you will just want to reach out and touch them.  You will get such a different perspective and realise just how large some of these fantastic hotels actually are.  You will almost feel a part of the city.  We were really impressed by our pilot too, as he was very knowledgeable and entertaining, making the whole experience well worth it.

Each of the helicopters have a built in sky cam which records every flight and passengers are able to relive their experience with a DVD of their flight and a souvenir photo taken next to the helicopter.

Fly Maverick headquarters are located at 6075 Las Vegas Blvd South (just past the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign). 
The Vegas Nights tour costs: $114 per person all inclusive. 

From the skyline of New York New York to the Bellagio fountains, on your night flight, you’ll be truly amazed at how beautiful Las Vegas really is.

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